The technology of manufacture of mirrors

For several years I manufactured the mirror for the needs of firms engaged in the manufacture of commercial equipment and furniture. We started with a simple windows-cubes.

First ordered a mirror in a specialized firm, but it was expensive. We decided to learn self-production. Accumulating experience of the usual trial and error. It took about half a year and a decent amount of money. In the end I still got great results. The entire production process, I carried one. By entering into the work area harvested glass before painting amalgam protective paint layer and the transport of finished mirror back. My monthly rate was 300-350 meters

The business quickly pays for itself. To realize the mirror you can own a retail outlet or through the glass workshops (they already have a steady clientele). A mirror frame can be ordered from the carpenters, privateers, or firms.


— Mirrors a different frame for home, office, state. institutions such as schools, hospitals, kindergartens …
— For firms producing a variety of cabinet furniture and display cases;
— Mirrored wall for aquariums of all sizes;
— Finishing tiles for walls and ceilings …
You can begin production within a week or two. Required equipment (table, dryer, shlif.stanok) recommend to make yourself (circuit-drawings attached) — this will reduce the cost of organizing and running the production and accelerate the return on investment.

Square meters for the production of a mirror, the following materials

1. AgNO3 silver nitrate (ACN) -3.6 g of
2. Alkali NaOH (or KOH) — 2,6 g
3. ammonia 25% (NH4OH) — 7,6 ml
4. SnCl 2 (tin dichloride) — 1 g to 14.5 m
5. Nitric acid (concentrated) — about 34.5 ml
6. Distilled water, 1, 5 — 1,7 l
7. Iodine is a medical — 6 drops to approximately 43kv.m. mirrors.

You can check them in your city and assess the cost of such mirrors for you. In any case, it will be significantly lower than the price the factory mirrors. The bulk of the cost, the cost of silver nitrate. All chemicals are sold in shops or stores him.preparatov honey. and laboratory equipment. Specific prices are in different regions of the Union’s different.


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