SRYSTAL COLOR — A new technology art glass processing

Quite a long time, I was just a reader of your site, and now decided to write myself. Imagine not just a business idea, and works quite well, a registered business.

The point that I do, as old as time, it stekloobrabotka, it would seem that there could be new? It turned out that it can. First things first.

I started as probably many people in this area (art glass processing), c banal blasting. Many people probably know what it is — an unprotected surface treatment of glass or mirrors air-sand jet of high pressure, resulting in a surface of glass or mirror image is formed mat, which makes the product more aesthetic value.

I will not enumerate how many kinds of glass products can be made or to decorate with this technology — there are many. However, work out, while sandblasting, talking to managers, furniture companies, mainly manufacturers of furniture and wardrobes, I learned that customers want to have something new, ask for the same applied to the mirrors for wardrobes color images , a trivial matte sand blasting customers already sick, the demand for these services began to fall, and as a consequence, and price.

I had to wonder or to engage in more unpromising direction, or look for something new. I tried, experimented, applied to the ink drawings of sandblasting on glass, a variety of paints, primers, but not what I was unhappy with the result, the image is washed out, or cracked, it was still «on the glass,» and therefore subject to mechanical or weather resistant and humidity, that is inherently short-lived. Applying color films rejected immediately — do not tell, but it’s ersatz sleaze. I wanted to do something now. He began to study the specialized literature on the topic of glass processing, but it came across that there is either already used in the production of, or was too expensive to implement in life.

Once, in a magazine, I came across an article about the ancient art of glass processing methods, they talked about the different types of stained glass, the history of their creation. And very little was mentioned about the handling of glass, which is now almost never used, virtually forgotten. I jumped at the thread and began to search the Internet, but, unfortunately, the information was so small that a lot had to think out the most. Everything had to try again, and various equipment, and materials. I set myself the task of unifying this ancient technology to modern glass processing and materials. As time showed, I did it

I named this technology Crystal Color, the fact that the structure of color images, «embedded» in the glass structure, reminiscent of small crystals, and looks very impressive (when the finished product gets a ray of sunlight appears «metallic» flicker small lights). And most importantly — high-quality color images are not on the surface of the product, and «embedded» in its structure, that is located in the glass and the surface of glass or mirror it is natural protection against mechanical and other influences, that is, the product can be cleaned , washed, without limitation, to hang in the bathroom — moisture is not a hindrance to him.

Many may think that this is the sintering of glass — it’s not, I do not heat the glass or a degree, it is as they say, quite another story.

One caveat — the technology allows you to create three-dimensional objects in glass or images as monochrome and color, to give a certain image effects used metal foil.

Now I have put the production of this product in a small serial stream. Products are so unusual and beautiful that the local regional broadcaster asked me to withdraw the transmission of my products and manufacturing. I’m thinking over the proposal.

More information about the products: this is a conventional (rather unusual) mirrors for interiors, furniture and mirrors for wardrobes, glass and mirror fronts for furniture, amazingly beautiful glass tops for tables, with both wood and metal, and with forged metal legs, different inserts for sliding and swing doors, and much more

Cost of products is as follows

cost of production per square meter of production up to 800 rubles, and the sale price — from 4000 rubles for the same meter, and as they say, the production of «snapped» already thinking about expansion.

By the way, despite all my searching, I found only one company, working on similar technology (similar to, but not this). It is situated in Moscow, and their prices start at 500 USD per square meter! And yet more than enough! However, their method has a significant disadvantage, which is devoid of Technology Crystal Color

But the most important thing is that I was able to achieve the simplicity of the technological cycle. Production can be placed on the 15 squares of free space, materials and equipment — the most common and inexpensive, at 15-20 thousand rubles is quite possible to keep a beginner will master the technology for one, as they say, a day.

Production could be established for ten days, and most importantly, there is little competition, because these products compare favorably with those of products made by other technologies.

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