Make money out of thin air

Here is the story of real life, the one idea home based business, sometimes difficult, but very rewarding:
When I learned about this business opportunity, I went on an old BMW, a year later I moved to a new Porsche Cayenne Sport, has just come down the assembly line.

Perhaps you will be interested to know — how? If interested — then I will continue my success story!
I’ve had problems with finances. My whole business activity was to buy and sell. Permanent nerve, and only, no stability.

And I started looking for a new product and revenue opportunities. The condition was only the know-how, what do others. That would go back in time when the emerging market of computer technology, software, Internet. Now it is a multibillion-dollar profits. But, unfortunately, «Microsoft» proved to be quicker and have this brilliant niche is already occupied, but like many others …
But my dreams were embodied in the other …

I was invited to one exhibit in St. Petersburg. The exhibition attracted me to a booth with the spacecraft, which stood next to any devices.

At first I did not attach much importance. But mentally, I asked myself the question: «What is it? Some space technology? For what? «.

An hour later I returned to the stand, where we have shown the equipment, and I was struck by how fresh the air gave the device. I remembered the Carpathians. In the mountains, I could not breathe to full lungs. It’s imprinted in my entire life. Stop! Thought: «The device produces air equal to the mountain …» I wonder?

My interest in the unit rose to heaven. The man who demonstrated the possibility of the device smeared my palms bow, asked bring one hand to the instrument, and a second to hide behind. Thirty seconds, the smell of onions had disappeared, and his hand began to smell the freshness as well as the smell of laundry in from the cold. The smell of the second arm, which was behind him, remained. I really ofigel … «washed» second hand, bringing it to the instrument, and I realized — IT WORKS! I realized — this product is needed by the people, it is problem solving! But it was not all. Nearby stood the instrument, under a transparent dome that was visible antenna, and a needle. Between them, the electric coil. I picked up the hood, smoked smoke there and asked, «Can remove the smoke?» I replied, «Nonsense! See «

The man took a nipple with a lubricating oil, picked up a transparent hood, dripped a few drops on a spiral, then closed the hood and turned on the spiral. Spiral warmed oil, and smoke poured yoke, it was seen as the volume is filled with acrid smoke, which they take up tobacco. The man turned off the spiral and pressed a button, including the antenna and ionizing needles … I do not believe his eyes. The smoke disappeared in seconds. I said, «These technologies are brought together in one box?» He replied, «Yes.» At the same time, I thought — how many people are facing every day with the problem of dirty air in your home, offices, cafes, bars, restaurants, anywhere! I’m not talking about smokers and their families. I realized that the market is huge It is necessary for all!

The idea to produce clean air and sell it … and at the same time helping people improve their lives in confined spaces struck me as a genius!

«Yes …» I thought: «So much for» Microsoft «. Ecology is deteriorating every day, and, accordingly, the demand for this technique increases every day. » I asked him: «In a nutshell, tell me functionality and markets these devices?». Says: «These devices are able to restore and maintain the parameters of air, as close to nature, in virtually any room in the next 24 hours. The service life of about 15 years. «.

I say: «Got it!» I am firmly resolved — it is — mine! I appeal to him, «Mr Miller! Let’s move on to the economy? «. He replied: «Return to the product 50%. (I think to myself — Excellent 50% — a good margin!) «. I asked, «What the company, how stable? He replied: «The company in the market for 20 years. Continually investing in innovative technologies, № 1 in its segment and is inaccessible to competitors due to new technologies. » I asked, «How to start a business with this company, I’m ready!» He replied: «Do not rush … It’s not all. There are several ways to make money with this company:
First, you earn on the sale of equipment to people in need of assistance, about 50% … But it’s not all the possibilities. There are also other income …
Second, becoming a partner, you can sell the business opportunity to others, and the company will encourage you in the form of bonus checks ..
I say, «Here for details!».

It provides read: «The company started work in 1987, almost entirely focused on the idea of the product. Emphasis was placed only on the ability of appliances and unique technologies. During the first 8 years the company had sold 350 thousand units. In 1994 it was completely revised vision and mission of the company. Proclaimed a new main idea of the company — a business opportunity for enterprising individuals to achieve success and financial freedom. What was the outcome? Over the next eight years it has been sold 3.7 million units. «

And then had an interesting, sometimes difficult, but very remunerated work …

I am very pleased to hear when people are giving money for the unit, call and thank for their help in solving problems. And as the people I was introduced to this business succeed by solving their problems with income, said: «Serge! So thank you for what you have introduced me to this business. You can earn in this business as much as you wish it themselves … They gave me the opportunity and I did not miss it, as well as hundreds of people joined this company.

Thank you for the opportunity to address you with this message …
Good luck and prosperity!

Best regards, Sergey Hishko (Kiev).

PS In a sign of veracity of the above, watch the video on my website about the business , which shows about 50 people, the company earned only as a bonus check of over $ 1 million, I’m not talking about those who earned $ 900,000, etc. I do not know how many of them.

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