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The idea is not new, but for lovers of pets have to their liking.

Who is not only in childhood dream to have a dog, or parrot fish. And when you grow up you was not before, now you are thinking about where to make money, what to do to build your business. Do you have such an opportunity to catch up and get with a good profit. And if you have kids, then no doubt you will find support in the family, and besides, is there who care for them.

Can breeding cats, dogs, hamsters, rats, guinea pigs, canaries, etc. But I want to mention only the most promising types of pets, which can be cultivated at home and benefit from this good income and great fun.

Breeding chinchillas. First chinchilla prized its valuable fur. The cost of the chinchilla fur is measured in tens of thousands of dollars. Shinshu skins cost about $ 40. The demand for furs is huge.

Well, if you feel sorry for ruining such lovely little animals, you can breed them for sale, which cost 80 to $ 180. Possible to sell them through ads in the newspaper or take in the pet store for half price.

Шиншилла.The size of Chinchilla is 2-3 times less than the rabbits. They eat like rabbits only 10 times less. Breeding chinchillas for as simply that it is accessible to everyone, and maybe even do it in the apartment (they do not smell like hamsters on). One brings a female chinchilla around 3-5 per year, respectively 10 females could primesti 40 chinchilla. Next consider themselves, how much revenue is provided to you.

Breeding of dogs

In this case, we will focus on the decorative dog, such as Chihuahua and Toy Terriers (pocket dog).

Weight of these dogs from 800 gr. up to 2 kg. What are these breeds are better than others? At this point I can name two good reasons:
— Small-sized dogs (pocket), respectively, occupy little space and eat little;
— Cost of puppies varies from $ 1,000.

With a presence of at least one puppy, the profits of 1-3 thousand USD a year, you provided. And if you have more ….

Even if you have a dog, then by all the rules, after mating, the owner of the second half, is obliged to give you a puppy or cash equivalent (as agreed).

Breeding of aquarium fish

Of course, possible to breed guppies, neons, the Sword, but the profits from this special you will not get. I suggest to raise «the kings of aquariums» — discus.

If you feel that the content of the aquarium is quite troublesome thing, then you are very mistaken. Technology is developing in all fields, including business and aquarium filters, heaters, compressors, lighting timers, etc. Even to clean the aquarium, do not give you work.

Size of the discus reaches up to 20 cm in diameter, and have the most varied coloring. Cost $ 100 year-old discus, and two months from $ 10 More rare breed discus, respectively, are even more expensive — 500 USD such as «pigeon blood».


There are disadvantages in this case — should have a couple of tanks (one for the content of 400l. And the other for breeding 100l.). Discus is a very finicky fish, respectively, to be bred to: read books and talk with experts.

The female during spawning debugs from 60 to 600 eggs. Contain a quantity of discus in one tank can not therefore have, with a little age on them to sell.

Breeding parrots

Perhaps breeding budgies, lovebirds, cockatiels. They are most odomashenye birds that breed in captivity.

Фото волнистых попугаевYou can ask at a pet store, for what they sell and at what will you buy parrots. In all cases, even the most inexpensive breeding budgies — quite a lucrative business you can start with three, five pairs. Each pair is able to display two or three times a year, the offspring (5-7 parrots). The more birds you have, the cheaper it will cost you food for your pets.

For the birds need to build a spacious enclosure, suitable for this purpose barn, garage, attic, etc. It must be remembered that the more spacious cage / aviary, the less rubbish around the bird healthy and growing larger.

Breeding rabbits akseleratov

This kind of business suits both middle-class entrepreneurs and owners of summer cottages on the farm. Since this is a large scale — building miniferm breeding rabbits akseleratov.

The new technology adds all the benefits of acceleration of development and low cost. Its efficiency is nearly 20 times higher compared to the traditional rabbit. Accelerating growth in animals is much rejuvenates their meat, which is the quality compares favorably with beef, pork and lamb.

In order to have a pet, you no longer need to buy expensive books. And all the instructions and advice on cultivation of various pets, you can easily find on the Internet. Register on the forums on relevant topics, and you definitely will help professionals in your new hobby. But if you will be a burden even basic tasks such as feed or clean up after your pet, you may not be worth a start.

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