Application of the inscriptions and pictures of flowers

I want to talk about actually running a flower business, which brings me to a few thousand dollars a month. Once I had a small shop selling flowers, and not long ago on a new idea I suggested to the buyers who have seen this in America.

Several years ago I had a point to sell flowers near the subway Elizarovskaya. She brought me 500 dollars a month, half of the flowers perished, in general, I now wonder how I missed this money to live. And somehow I got interested in the inscriptions and pictures to color. On this idea prompted me to my customers who have seen this in America.

In the beginning I did not give strong values, but somehow before Valentine’s Day, I saw from the wholesaler that imports flowers, wholesale roses to the party image of Cupid with an arrow. Images on the colors looked on as naturally as if they were born so. Took a little on the test and …. on the first day, all sold, and it is only in anticipation of the holidays! Immediately ordered a party of more, and again all sold! On the supplier of those colors I have a fairly trusting relationship, and as if by chance I asked him where he got to say, as a dispersed and learned that a party of 10,000 roses went for 2 days! And this is an increase in the prices of these roses in a dollar! 10,000 in 2 days! Here is me and took the «money fever.» And now all in order …

Through the Internet I found several methods of applying images of flowers, such as

1. American Technology Speaking Roses (laser printing … quality is excellent, only one-color printing), franchise and equipment to Russia worth about 500,000 dollars! of course expensive …. By the way, it has bought a Ukrainian company «Roses slit razmovlyayut»

2. Chinese printers for direct printing on flowers — quality full-color, not bad, but again a lot of difficulties. Because at that point the only option available to me was this printer, I bought this one for 3000 bucks. Program serving half of his Chinese — a familiar programmer versed with the configuration for almost a week. Very low-speed printing — each bud should be spread a special gel, load the printer with three things — that is, three flowers need to print five to seven minutes, and the flowers are different, they are difficult to sort so that the seal was quite clear — as a result, if you had place of marriage — just had to throw a flower. In such circumstances, to make it more or less decent money is not possible.

3. I continued my search and found a way thanks to the efforts …. As they say, the problem — it is a hidden opportunity, because in my case the problem was not in the possibility of drawing pictures on the flowers, and time-consuming, not reliable and not a productive process that is associated with direct printing on the flowers. Genius was simple as always! Solved all my problems are simple technology of images of flowers — the use of technology SPECIAL of the adhesive, made in the USA, which publishes a regular struynik (using a Hewlett-Packard and Lexmark’s Photo). This material — an absolute novelty on the market, florist, and has no analogues.

The image is printed on the hyperfine basis, specially made for application on the petals of flowers — roses and any other colors. For some ten minutes, which can produce up to three thousand images, and then cut around the image of the contour and glued to the petals.

All … The material itself is absolutely invisible to the flower. This is sort of know-how … as when you transfer the material to flower is not seen (or along the contours, or in the spans of letters), and can only be seen clear colorful image, which is much better than using a Chinese printer.

Full-color image, a clear — though photography, even drawing, logo or inscription. One person can easily manage to stick the pictures on a dozen flowers per minute, at the same time, some time you can remove the image, so if you accidentally paste the wrong picture to the wrong flower — you do not have to throw it away. Email me and I will send you a photo of his work and acquaint with all the details about this business.

In addition, the cost of these images is ten times smaller than any other method of application images, and the quality and convenience far higher. Cost is approximately $ 0.02 (!) Apiece. I will implement to 0.2-0.5 per image. Supplies its customers with sheets of A4. On one such sheet is placed 120 — 240 images, here and read for yourself …

Images may be different, in the form of words, wishes, confessions, images, logos, photos, in-general, anything that can be printed on regular printer.

The main clients — manufacturers of colors, wholesalers and retailers of flowers and accessories, online stores floral orientation, advertising company, companies associated with the wedding service; PR-departments of companies, photo studios …. field of activity is huge! For example, only the flower points in almost the same as and product.

I still managed to learn a small part of this list, but I can say that except for isolated cases — all of those who once tried my products — have become regular customers.

The material is purchased directly from the manufacturer, and because he is unable to make those turns, he can give me, I decided to offer this idea to all those who want to open a similar business in the region and a decent earning. No problems with sales, business is easy to , any special knowledge or equipment is required, competition, either.

If you are interested in this topic, please contact me, I’ll introduce you to the course of this case and help him get started. I am sure that everyone who is looking for the real thing with minimal investment and a desire to earn lots of money (not yet occupied a niche!) On such a large and interesting market as the flowers, as well as those associated with the colors, advertisement, photo, etc. etc. This idea will not leave anyone indifferent.

We are pleased to answer all your questions and help with the organization of the case.

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